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Luc Bossé describes Aquatic Life as a great mixture of values and innovation

In a company like Aquatic Life, there’s no such thing as “not my job” – if there’s a gap that needs filling, people fill it. That description reflects the entire team, and fits Luc Bossé to a tee.

Bossé dedicates most of his time to managing the sales, service and product demonstration requirements for Quebec, Northern Ontario and some of Aquatic Life’s more eastern clients. Plus, as someone with a background in both water quality management and marketing, Bossé also manages the company’s social media platforms and is a regular participant in the company’s trade show circuit.

“You can definitely say I wear many hats,” said Bossé from his office in the heart of mining country in Val d’Or, Quebec, where he works as, what he refers to as, the “French arm” of Aquatic Life Limited. “My main role is in sales, but to do my job well I need to know our products inside and out so I invest a lot of time on the service side too.”

“I’m a very hands-on person and I like doing something different every day – this business is perfect for that,” said Bossé. “One of my favourite aspects of the job is spending time in the field and seeing how our products work for our clients. That knowledge is critical on the R&D side, especially in the Aquahive division, so we can continue to innovate in our sector.”

Bossé has dedicated the better part of his career to water monitoring and management, and says it’s more than just a job.

“Water leisure has been part of my life from a very young age,” said Bossé. “As I learned more and more about how we collectively misuse such a valuable resource, I got to learn about and integrate new water use habits into my own life so I could lead by example.‘’

For Bossé, joining the Aquatic Life team full-time back in 2015 was an excellent opportunity to expand his knowledge base even further inside a company where he found shared values and a common vision for the future. 

“Aquatic Life is a very innovative and human team, and that’s important to me and our customers,” said Bossé. “We’re constantly developing new technologies to help serve our clients better and we’re responsive when clients experience challenges. Plus, we all work towards a common goal that never changes – to help people around the world protect our most valuable natural resource.’’

If you would like to hear more about Aquatic Life’s line of water monitoring and management solutions, Luc is always happy to discuss what the company has to offer. Just drop him a line at


Extemin / Perumin 2019
September 16 – 20
Arequipa, Perú

This biannual event aims at strengthening the
specialized professional development of the
attendants and to spread new knowledge
that is the result of research, innovation
and application of technology in mining
operations. In the same manner, it contributes
to spread the importance of the mining sector
for the development of the country.


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