Case Study


  • Equipment installation at the discharge point of the polishing pond
  • Replacement of existing structure with a new structure
  • Real-time measurement of water level in 15-minute intervals
  • Real-time online visualization of the data collected at the mine site

Tanco Mine Uses AquaHive Technology to Measure Surface Water Quantity, pH and TSS


The Tanco Mine, owned and operated by the Cabot Corporation is an underground mine located on the northwest shore of the Bernic Lake, Manitoba. The mine has the largest known deposit of pollucite and is the world’s largest producer of caesium.

In response to the necessary improvement in water quantity monitoring at the Tanco Mine effluent discharge point, AquaHive was selected to offer consultation on the best mine water monitoring procedure. The mine needed to measure water level (m), pH and TSS accurately to comply with metal mine effluent regulations.


The water quantity measuring point was located at the final effluent discharge point on the crest of a dam. The culvert allowed the water to flow from the final polishing pond into the Bernic Lake. The AquaHive telemetry system along with the LevelTroll500 sensor was installed on site in order to determine the water quantity. Together, the equipment provides our client with a monitoring tool equipped to continuously measure the volume of effluent deposited into the Bernic Lake while viewing and analyzing the data in real time.


Tanco Mine now has the ability to monitor their effluent discharge point remotely and download customized reports with raw data. The AquaHive Telemetry System with the LevelTroll 500 now helps the mine site achieve data at an efficient rate, reducing operational costs.


Extemin / Perumin 2019
September 16 – 20
Arequipa, Perú

This biannual event aims at strengthening the
specialized professional development of the
attendants and to spread new knowledge
that is the result of research, innovation
and application of technology in mining
operations. In the same manner, it contributes
to spread the importance of the mining sector
for the development of the country.


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